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Get rid of your scrap car, truck, van or anything on wheels within 24-hours with ScrapThisJunk junk car removal pick up. We will buy your scrap car for cash in any condition, so sell your unwanted cars to us!

Buying vehicles or anything for that matter is always the fun and easy part, selling not so much. Over years of hoarding scrap that ultimately depreciates in value, ends up collecting dust and rusts away as we quickly run out of space to store this junk, and this can become very stressful with a head full of headaches, very quickly.

In most cases, we can give it away or throw it in the trash but that also means filling our landfills in Ottawa (and surrounding) with garbage that could be re-used and/or recycled with an auto wrecker/car recycling facilities. Cars and the like take up a lot of space because they're big and bulky, so this only makes our problems exponentially larger, especially if they don't even run and/or keeps failing. This is all time, energy and resource intensive. Sometimes, it's simply wiser to cut our losses when it comes to these money pits.

That's where Scrap This Junk comes in, a free junk scrap car removal service in Ottawa , where we specialize in scrap junk automobile removal and pickup of all shapes, sizes and vehicle conditions. We pay cold hard cash for scrap cars, even if they don't run and in its worst condition, as long as it still has its original parts though they don't have to even necessarily work! One mans trash, is another mans treasure.

Whether you want to scrap your old cars, new cars, a trade-in, used car, junk car, scrap car, truck, van, motor home, rv, trailer, wagon, motorcycle, bus, boat, amphibious vehicle, hovercraft, airplane, helicopter, spacecraft or rocket ship; we are the scrap junk vehicle removal experts near you and have you covered, every step of the way.

Click "Get Started" below to free up that valuable space and Scrap This Junk off of your property today.

Fast, easy and absolutely free. No account required.

"best scrap car removal service and cash right away. easy transaction A+++" - Shaun K.

"Quality service, good money that would have otherwise went to waste. I'll miss my trusty van... good for scraps..." - Mitchel S.

"Helped me with junk car removal for my truck and was relatively fast on a snowy day but took longer than expected. At least the payment was right away. " - Krystal M.

"Excellent!!! Thank you so much for helping me scrap my junk car off my property so I could fit my new one in and going the extra mile!!! Def recommended." - Amanda R.

"Quick response, instant payment. Got rid of my old piece of junk without headaches. Thanks again." - Pierre T.

"...pos car kept dying, was tired of the money pit and finally gave up. thought it was complete trash but came across scrap this junk and got some money for it. was hoping for a bit more but I was so tired dealing with the headaches. all worked out. thanks..." - Mike B.

"...really great! thank you for coming to help scrap my car near me at my work !" - Erica L.

"Amazing. I didn't realize I could sell garbage for money lol..." - Josh C.

"...was in pickle with my landlord and condominium, long story short, i had too many scrap cars, a scrap car for my scrap car, junk car for many days. im thought it was cost me a fortune junk my car but I get paid for them thanks to scrap this junk they sort for me and scrap my car each. satisfait." - Paul L.

How does it work? What to expect, and how you get paid.

  1. Once you start the process, you will be asked a series of questions in regards of your vehicle (you can only submit one at a time), then we will need your phone number so we can contact you to make an offer (if you want one).

  2. If you agree with the offer, then at the same time, we will arrange for the scrap car pickup at the location of the vehicle(s). This can be immediate or scheduled, depending on our schedules that works best for you.

  3. Depending on the size of the vehicle(s), our driver(s) will bring either a dolly tow truck or a tilt loader (they will need clearance space which should be ready before arrival). The driver will pay you on the spot via cash, e-transfer or crypto (if available). Please provide them with any pertinent proof of ownership/verification details, and transfer of ownership if applicable.

That's it! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect for scrapping my vehicle in Ontario?

You can expect to get anywhere from $100 to $20,000 in cash for scrap cars depending on the make/model/year and vehicles condition which will determine how much a junk car is worth. As you may expect, a completely totalled and rusty Bugatti will always be worth more than a mint condition Honda Civic no matter how shiny its chrome rims are. Scrap your car for cash with Scrap This Junk.

What happens to my vehicle?

Well, many different things can happen depending on the condition of the vehicle and its title. Some are reclaimed for parts, also known as "coring" where parts like alternators or starter motors for instance are able to be re-manufactured.

Meaning the insides are gutted, but the special casting is cleaned up and re-used (or any parts that are still in good condition). This is why there is a "core charge" on many types of parts (even car batteries for their lead), because one day the manufacturers will simply stop supporting them when someone needs them the most! This allows these companies to save on casting costs, and allows them to give these types of parts a fresh life with more affordable pricing than OEM parts. Whether for raw materials or parts, there is someone, somewhere in the world that needs them.

Generally we hand them off to our auto recycling/auto re-manufacturing/auto wrecker partners. If however, we get vehicles that are in relatively good shape and may need only a little bit of work with a good standing title, we can then hand them off to our car guys to fix up and put into the hands of a family in need, even car collectors and restorers too. We do not sell used car parts, sorry.

Is there a towing charge or pick up fee?

One-way tow truck towing services and scrap car pickup fees are covered and included for free in the offer for your vehicle(s), so you can get rid of your scrap junk cars without cost while getting paid for your scrap cars!

I was offered X dollars from Y, can you beat it?

Competition is healthy, however, we are not here to compete on price as there are many costs involved and fuel alone is already unsustainable so it has to make sense for us. We are here to solve your problem(s) and offer you world-class service with a smile, a painless hassle-free junk and scrap car removal service experience and streamlined system with the fastest response times. We aim to be the best scrap car pickup service and encourage you to shop around before you make your final decision, if price is what is most important to you. Thank you for your trust, consideration and continued support, we look forward to serving you.

Do I have to have the keys and/or ownership? What if it is missing parts like a catalytic converter?

You do not necessarily need the keys, but we do need the ownership documents in cases of transferring ownership, verified with your identification. Without proof of ownership, you will need to verify your identity with government identification. Without keys or missing parts, you may be offered less, as you may expect. The market ultimately dictates what it is worth, regardless of condition.

My car is really totalled/water damaged/rolled over/badly damaged/broken frame and chassis/etc, will you still scrap my car?

We aren't here to judge, and hope you are okay but we will have to determine what it's worth. In most cases it will be fine as long as the original parts are still there and intact, we buy all cars in any condition otherwise for the most part. So please consider this if you are expecting an offer.

How long will it take to get paid?

You will be paid instantly, on the spot at the time of pick up by your driver. They will pay you in cash, e-transfer or crypto (if available), larger transactions and higher-end vehicles will require special arrangements via bankdraft or wire transfer. They will also handle any necessary paperwork with/for you. All sales are final. In cases of cryptocurrencies, we recommend XRP, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Ethereum (not financial advice).

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